Why handheld vacuum cleaner is the right choice for you?

The main assistant of any housewife is a vacuum cleaner. A powerful full-function unit will perfectly cope with the most complex general cleaning, remove dust, dirt and clean pet hair.

But what if there was a need to clean a small part of the room?

Is it really necessary to assembly this cumbersome device after every piece of pet hair found on a carpet or sofa? In such situations, a manual version of the device will come to your rescue.

Buying a handheld vacuum cleaner is not always justified, but for those who have pets and there is a carpet on the floor, this function will be very useful.

It’s not the option for those people who have dust allergic reaction. In most cases, the abilities of a “dry” vacuum cleaner are enough.

Therefore, the need to purchase the best handheld vacuum for pet hair should be carefully considered.

So, below are reasons why you should buy a handheld vacuum cleaner.


It’s always on alert, you do not need to spend a lot of time to assemble it as it’s the case with conventional models.

You easily and quickly remove dirt in the apartment and pet hair while spending a minimum of effort and time to bring the device into working condition.


It takes up so little space that it can be stored anywhere. Therefore, it is always at hand.

Even the smallest shelf, a small locker in the kitchen or in the living room, the space under the bed – all this can be used as a place to store it.

Ease of use

For a small device, simply there are no hard-to-reach places for cleaning.

Removing the pet hair in the corner behind the sofa, from the top of the furniture no problem if you have such a device.


The best handheld vacuum for pet hair is a fairly easy tool. This is a very important advantage for the elderly, as well as disabled people, for which a full-sized device will be too heavy to use.

In addition, due to the low weight, a child can use the device, so that attentive parents have an excellent opportunity to accustom the younger generation to work at home from a young age and clean the dirt of their beloved pets.

Low noise level

Even the most modern and “heaped” standard devices produce a loud noise during the work.

If one of the relatives sleeps or there is a baby in the house, the cleaning with a full-sized unit will have to be postponed.

With the manual, everything is much simpler; its engine runs very quietly, so you can clean up at any time.

Special nozzles

The functionality of best handheld vacuum for pet hair and the quality of cleaning depends largely on the set of attachments with which it is completed.

In the set, also, can be included a nozzle for cleaning clothes and a lot of brushes. The turbo brush can be very useful.

Its headpiece is equipped with a fleecy disc that rotates during operation, which contributes to better removing of pet hair from carpets, upholstered furniture or car seats.