What kind of vacuum cleaner is a best-buy for cleaning pet hair?

Owners often have to think about best vacuum for pet hair which they can buy in the store. Modern vacuum cleaners are manufactured taking into account all the latest requirements, so today in stores you can find super-power units and models with different nozzles for each type of cleaning. Interesting for many buyers are vacuum cleaners-robots and washing options.

What should be taken into account by those whose house is full ofyour fluffy friends, from which the hair remains? The best vacuum for pet hair in the kit should have additional attachments. In the package, manufacturers can include:

  • a nozzle for floor and carpet;
  • mechanical turbo-brush;
  • electric turbo-brush;
  • special silicone nozzle.

What useful features should a vacuum cleaner be provided with?

What kind of vacuum cleaner is most suitable for cleaning pet hair? It is necessary to understand that the best vacuum for pet hair is needed not only for this purpose, so it is worth paying attention to the following parameters:

  1. Dry, wet and combined cleaning are options for selection. With the cleaning of pet hair, a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag will do its best, while a container version will slightly collect smaller mote. The best vacuum for pet hair are cleaners with aqua filters, as they perfectly cope with the cleaning and moisturize the air well. Their only drawback is the inability to apply when cleaning parquet or carpet from natural wool.
  2. The more the vacuum cleaner has the suction power, the better it will clean the dirt. If the house has a lot of hair from pets, then it should be at least 350 W-400 W. The indicator can be shown on the body or on the brush. It is best to give advantage to those models whose power is indicated on the brush.
  3. A good filtration system is an important point when choosing a vacuum cleaner. If the unit is not equipped with reliable filters, then there is a possibility that the dust and hair will be back into the room. The filtration system should consist of a filter on the container and engine (to protect the engine from overheating), a fine filter that will detain small dust particles.
  4. In the kit there is usually a standard set of brushes. Manufacturers include a carpet, floor, slit-tube nozzle and a furniture cleaning brush. The best vacuum for pet hair is one of with a turbo brush for those who have cats or dogs living in the house. It has a built-in rotating roller, which cleans up everything even in the most difficult cases, where a simple brush doesn’t have a chance. Practically everyone knows about how the vacuum cleaner works for cleaning pet hair with a turbo brush.
  5. The best vacuum for pet hair have an impressive weight and dimensions. It is worth considering and the material from which all parts and elements of the vacuum cleaner are made. We must see in advance from which material the tube is made of. If it is made of plastic, then you need to consider how strong it is. To do this, you can ask the seller-consultant to demonstrate the quality of the product for you.

Vacuum cleaners with special nozzles

Among the standard models of vacuum cleaners, there are those that are equipped with universal attachments. They will perfectly cope with the fur of cats and dogs. Among the effective brushes are:

  • universal nozzle for floor and carpet;
  • mechanical/electric turbo brush.

Nozzle for floor and carpet is a standard and at the same time a universal addition to the vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with a foot switch, a pull-out brush. The retractable brush is good for cleaning parquet, laminate or linoleum, and for cleaning carpets, which is effective cleaning of soft hairy surfaces.