All you need to know before buying cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair

The conventional vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning dirt, dust, small debris. Some models can clean the spilled liquid. The device will refresh the furniture, remove the dust from soft surfaces. With its help, woolen fabrics, blankets, mattresses, clothes, carpets are maintained.

There are situations when your dog or cat are in the molting phase and the couch or carpet need to be cleaned several times a day. Carrying a cumbersome device for every hair on the floor is difficult. The cordless unit will allow a quick cleaning with ease and convenience. When you’re choosing the best robot vacuum for pet hair, you get a small assistant will help out to purify your living space and make your life easier.

Benefits of cordless vacuum cleaners

  1. A wide range of applications. Due to the compact dimensions, the product will be used throughout the house, in the car.
  2. Dimensions provide easy use and a small storage space.
  3. It is convenient to reach to all places in the house (top of furniture, hidden places).
  4. Weight makes it comfortable for children and the elderly. The quality of cleaning will remain at a high level.
  5. The noise of a cordless product is much lower than the deafening conventional vacuum cleaner sound. Therefore, you can work at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone.

Important criteria for choosing cordless vacuum cleaner


The weight is the most important criterion for choosing the best cordless vacuum for pet hair. The cordless device must be compact and lightweight.

Preferring a low weight, pay attention that this indicator does not reduce the quality of the product: engine power, the thickness of the body.


The instructions of the manual vacuum cleaners indicate the service life of the charging mechanism. And also the time required for charging. Most of the devices are powered by batteries that are installed on the charging station. Therefore, the time of action and charge are important factors for ease of use and saving energy. When the battery life drops, the functionality deteriorates.

The choice of the best cordless vacuum for pet hair will save you from unpleasant situations when with urgent need the device is still charging. Some models are equipped with an indicator on the case, which informs you about the level of charge.


The more power the engine has, the easier it is to absorb dirt, dust, and pet hair from the surface. The strength is indicated in watts. The power indicator is related to the size. A low-power model is suitable for simple or rare use. With daily use, vacuum cleaners with high suction strength should be preferred.

The power of 300 watts is considered as weak. Such a device is designed for dust. Cordless vacuum cleaner with a power of 450 watts will remove pet hair.

The power will also determine the amount of electricity, the loudness of the noise. Maximum power is 2000 Watt.