Choosing the Right Vacuum for Pet Hair: Buying Guide

It is in our nature to crave for company, to love and be loved. Over the course of time we have found different ways to do that. In fact, scientists have come up with robots that could walk and talk exactly like human beings even though it surely hasn’t caught on quite yet. Loneliness is something that eats you up from the inside and humankind will do everything in its power to counter that feeling. Robots are just one example of scientific advancement made in this field to assist human beings, not only in industries, but at our homes as well. This is a very expensive alternative and besides that, it’s still in the development phase. More importantly it simply cannot deliver the same humanistic promise that we so desperately want. However, the picture is not that gloomy for us because there is a way that we have been harnessing since the beginning of this Earth.

It is true that pets have become a typical part of the mainstream family nowadays. People who have been alone for some time would truly understand the significance of having a company in the form of a pet that is cute, soft and cuddly. Even if you’re a family with kids, it is a great addition to the pack. These are little (or big!) creatures that we quickly attach to and ultimately fall in love with. It is important to note that keeping a pet is not something that we have come up with just recently. In fact, we have been keeping pets since time began. Do you know about the Pharaoh’s who were buried with their cats in the pyramids?

The advantages of keeping a pet in your house are plentiful. Whether its for a medical reason or just to have a friend around, a pet is a positive thing to have in your life. You start to care for your pet just like any other family member. Different people have different preferences when it comes to keeping a pet. Some people like to have dogs in their houses while others prefer the company of a cat. Some people even have exotic pets like tigers. When we talk about pets, I’m sure we can all agree that dogs are the most loyal creatures without a doubt.  On the other hand, there is a difference to having a cat as a pet because it has a totally different personality.

Though these pets aren’t the main focus of this discussion, this is along the similar lines of a completely relevant topic. While we will discuss other benefits of keeping a pet, our main objective is to talk about best vacuum for pet hair. We will also talk about the cordless vacuums for pet hair, the best handheld vacuum for pet hair and other types of products that are available in the market to do this job. Basically, this will serve as a buying guide for the best vacuum for pet hair for any pet owner. So if you are one of those people who are struggling with pet hair in your house then you definitely want to be fully informed on the different products available. We will present a detailed review on some of the top products while also taking into consideration the possible different budget needs that you or anyone else may have. With this guide, hopefully you can have some sort of a reference point on where to start with and ultimately end up buying the best product which satisfies your needs and demands.

Why do I need a vacuum for pet hair?

Before we go into the details of best vacuum for pet hair, it is very essential to cover some basics. This primarily includes talking about why exactly you need a vacuum for pet hair in the first place. This stems from the fact that no matter how fiercely you love your pet, the truth of the matter is that it is going to create a mess at the end of the day. And everyone wants to have a nice and clean house, no messes to be seen. Homeowners would agree that keeping the carpet clean is a really big and intimidating task, and the same goes for getting rid of the bad smell in the house. Every home and pet owner knows that when it comes to owning a pet, the maintenance isn’t all that easy either. Having a pet is actually comparable to having a small child.

The two interrelated tasks of cleaning the carpet and getting rid of odors can suck a huge amount of your time. It may already be a source of distraction for you from other important activities that you had planned for yourself. Similarly, if you do not have a hairless pet, this means you are bound to struggle and get frustrated with cleaning hairs of your pet that will stick to anything and everything. A big struggle spot with this is obviously the carpet. This is again a very frustrating task regardless of the material used for the flooring in your house. It becomes extremely difficult, especially if you have a carpet in your house. But why clean this up all manually? Why don’t all vacuum cleaners get all the pet hair out of the carpet? Why not get rid of the pet hair by using a specialized vacuum for this job? There is a wide array of products available when it comes to vacuum and cleaning. You can find these things whether you go to the store or buy it online. You will find the solution to your problems in one simple way; a vacuum specifically made for dealing with pet hair.

What to consider when buying a vacuum for pet hair

Now the decision and the whole process of buying a vacuum cleaner for pet hairs could prove to be quite tedious, especially for those people who are buying this product for the first time. There are just so many factors to consider or otherwise you would have spent your money for nothing or end up just spending way too much in the first place. The question of what the best vacuum for pet hair is cannot be simply answered. Any one product is not the answer to this question because different people have different pets, requirements and budgets. Apart from the all of these uncontrollable differences, the market has its own dynamics that you’ll need to carefully observe. For instance, in the electronics industry, companies come up with newer and improved models all the time. Sometimes they just change the color and aesthetics of the product while other times there is an introduction of a new technology that has the potential of changing the way we operate. So a product that was deem fit for your needs yesterday might not be suitable for you today. Try to stay up to date and learn about any advancements or new products coming out soon.

Talking about newer models in the electronics market, the life cycles of certain vacuums are getting shorter and shorter with the passage of time. In simple words, this is another way of saying that technology is rapidly becoming more sophisticated and advanced, thus leading to newer and better technologies that are incorporated into different products. The crux of this point is that there is a plethora of factors that need to be considered while making any purchase decision. This is especially true when it comes to electronic products. Any vacuum for pet hair is no different. Keeping this in mind, we will go over some of the important factors that you need to be aware of before buying any vacuum for pet hair.

One of the first things that need to be kept in mind is that not all vacuum cleaners will have written their applicability for pet hair on their label. It may not be as obvious as a big sticker saying “best vacuum of all time for pet hair”. However, that should not discourage you from considering that product because most of the vacuum cleaners available on the market have the ability to remove pet fur while they don’t put that on the label. The real thing is finding out which ones do a better job at it. Another important point that we need to put it out at is that there are many products available in the market that the manufacturers have deemed as the best vacuum for pet hair while there is no truth to it. In fact, you will be amazed by the workings of such vacuum cleaners in the start, they will usually seem just fine at first. What’s really common is that they just can’t sustain their performance ability over longer periods of time, making you spend more money in the long run. Your aim should be to buy a product that has the capability of giving you consistently strong performance in terms of cleaning pet hair and fur. If a product only delivers its promise for few months, then it is not worthwhile. Of course this will take some deep digging, but you need to watch out for the cleaning ability of different vacuums for pet hair. This is essential in making sure you get the best possible deal you can.

Why would I buy a vacuum for pet hair?

As mentioned earlier, some products do not say specifically on their label that they are suitable for removing pet hairs. In many cases they don’t actually have the ability to do so, or at least not very well. It is very important to note that there are very few products specifically designed for cleaning up pet hair available in the market. A better idea would be to go for those vacuums that are specially designed for pets and combating their difficult. While the consideration factors for both kinds of vacuums would be quite similar, it is important to understand the subtle difference between these two types of products. The first thing to note is that your standard vacuum cleaners may be adequate for removing dust from your house, but they might not have the best ability to remove pet hair because they weren’t designed to do so. On the other hand, the best pet hair vacuums have in-built advanced technology coupled with other special features to handle the pet dander. Choosing a vacuum cleaner that is specially designed for removing pet hair becomes all the more important when you or someone else in your home happens to have allergy issues. In this regard, it becomes of utmost importance to buy that vacuum for pets that holds different filtration features to counter and remove allergens in the air as well. This was a general overview of why you should aim to buy a vacuum cleaner designed for pets. We will go over some specific features that would help you in achieving more clarity on this topic.

Features to look for in a vacuum for pet hair

Suction capability is what defines a vacuum cleaner. If it didn’t suck up all the dirt, then it wouldn’t be doing it’s job correctly. If you have pets in your house then you will absolutely to buy a vacuum with spectacular suction power. If it’s not able to bring on such power, then you can say goodbye to ever experiencing the effortless job of cleaning of your home of pet hairs. Traditional vacuum cleaners, which do not have the capability of fully removing pet fur, typically tend to just pick up these furs from the floor rather then actually getting deep in the carpet itself. Future pet and vacuum owners need to understand that the vacuum should have the suction capability not only to lift, but also relocate it to the collection bag. This is something which is missing all too often when it comes to the traditional vacuum cleaner. That is mainly why they are unsuitable for cleaning up pet hair. Normally, 12 amps will give you enough power to clean up all sorts of messes. However, there is another option of going towards specialized technologies that are highly advanced and gives you more power. In this regard, Hoover’s WindTunnel is worth looking into. Suction power should be the first parameter for taking any decision as this is the most important feature of a vacuum cleaner to begin with.

The second important feature that you should consider while buying best pet hair vacuum is the availability of different accessories. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, these vacuums will come with specialized tools and accessories that are better suited to handle pet fur. For instance, you will notice special brushes that are designed to suck the pet fur from carpet or any other type of floor. Similarly, upon careful inspection of the small tools, you will notice the uniqueness of their design that prevents clogging and allows for more flexibility. Their wider connections and openings allow better suction of those pesky pet hairs. Sometimes you can also find such accessories with the conventional vacuum cleaners, though obviously it won’t work as well as a vacuum for pet hair. If the manufacturer is offering such tools that are specially designed to such pet dander, then the vacuum itself is worth considering keeping all other aspects in mind. These tools normally have a specialized small head which allows better cleaning of stairs, furniture and most importantly your car seats. If there is pet fur all over your house, including curtains and walls, then a good idea would be to buy a floor tool with a vacuum wand for a more thorough and proper cleaning. On the other hand, if you want to remove pet hair from clothes then you could buy a floor tool that is a bit smaller in size for better suction. Though not a vacuum cleaner, those pet hair rollers are also very efficient at catching the pet hair off fabrics.

A major difference between a specialized vacuum cleaner and a standard vacuum cleaner is the filtration system that it has. There is no doubt about the fact that the quality of air substantially goes down if we have pet in the house. This is because humans aren’t genetically used to living around pets and their large amounts of hair and dander. This reduction of air quality has health implications that may not be the best for you and others who happen to be in your household. For example, members of the house may start suffering from different allergies out of, seemingly, “nowhere”. Due to the presence of pet hairs in our house, the allergens start increasing thus causing different health problems that will only get worse if not addressed properly.

The best pet hair vacuum normally comes with the technologically of an advanced multi stage filtration mechanism that ensures that the quality of indoor air remains fresh and healthy. Some of the best vacuum for pet hair utilize HEPA as the main filtration mechanism that completely removes all allergens present in a room. It is also important to note that pet hair and pet dander are two different things. The difference primarily arises from the fact that pet hair is more visible to the naked eye, therefore making it easier to clean, while pet dander is typically missed by our vision completely. This is where having a vacuum cleaner with a state-of-the-art filtration mechanism also helps. For proper cleaning of the house, it is imperative that you take care of the filters regularly in terms of cleaning or maintenance. Just to be on the safe side, it would be better to clean or switch them to a new one before the recommended time, especially if you have more pets in the house, otherwise there might be clogging inside.

Dirt bins are an essential part of the vacuum cleaner. The important thing to note is that not all vacuum cleaners will use the same type of dirt bags. With the conventional vacuum cleaners, the dirt bags are pretty straightforward. But these dirt bags are not suitable for hardcore cleaning of pet fur and hair. This is due to the fact that the dirt bags are not advanced to handle holding and bringing in pet hair. What you are really in need of is a multi-layered bag which prevents pet hair from sneaking into the motor. In this regard, enhanced dirt bags that come with a vacuum for pet hair are fit for the task. It is very important to note that the decision to go for better dirt bags should not be taken lightly because it has far reaching implications and will help making this cleaning task more effective. If you weren’t aware, having a dirt bag that can handle all the dust and pet hair in your house will mainly help in prolonging the life of whatever vacuum cleaner you decide to choose.

Continuing with the discussion of dirt bags, one can also consider buying the best bagless vacuum for pet hair. These vacuum cleaners come with a bagless bin mechanism that is removable as well as easy to empty. It is imperative that you surround the bin with a trash bag so that there is no spillage of dust or pet hair and the environment as a result remains clean, otherwise you would just be making the mess you were trying to clean in the first place. When it comes to dealing with the pet hair, there is not much difference between the best bagless vacuum for pet hair and best pet hair vacuum. The key thing is to properly empty the bags or bins in both types of vacuum cleaners with proper care. The idea is that the trash remains contained while you are emptying.

You may also want to consider the style of vacuum you would want. This can be anything from best handheld vacuum for pet hair or even a cordless vacuum. Both of these different types of vacuums have their own advantages. With a cordless vacuum, it will be easy to maneuver and get around your home without the worry of a cord getting stuck or wrapped around anything. This also means you won’t have to go around obstacles and cleaning will overall be easier. A handled pet hair vacuum is useful for things like the sofa and getting into hard to reach corners. Every person and household is different. This is why it’s important to take into consideration these two different types of vacuums as well as the standard style of vacuum.

Another point of consideration is the warranty and life cycle of a best pet hair vacuum. People who use vacuum cleaners for standard cleaning will notice that the cleaning life cycles are comparatively longer than for those people who have pets in the house. In simple words, homeowners with pets in their house need to clean their house more often due to the largely increased amount of hair around their homes. Now this has implications on the life of a vacuum cleaner since it will be used at least twice as much than if it were being used in a home with no pets. Basically, you need a vacuum cleaner that can tolerate the shorter dust cycles and remain in its original form in terms of performance. It is because of this aspect, you need a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to handle that kind of workload aka a vacuum cleaner designed to clean up pet hair. Even with the specially designed vacuum cleaners, the importance of maintenance and regular cleaning of the equipment cannot be overemphasized. This also highlights the fact that you need to purchase a vacuum cleaner that has a longer warranty duration. In this regard, you could also consider opting in for an extended warranty and service contract which may cost you extra, but will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Buying a best vacuum for pet hair

Now that we have pointed out some of the important differences that you need to account for when you are deciding to purchase a vacuum cleaner for your house. Now let’s discuss some of the general considerations when you are making the purchase. The very first consideration that need to be accounted for is the details of your place. Some vacuum cleaners are more suited for small places while others are fit for big places. The same goes for carpeted or tiled floors. Similarly, you need to determine how much dust normally gets accumulated. Put it another way, how frequently is a specific place used because the amount of dust is normally correlated with its usage. What kinds of places are you looking to clean with a best pet hair vacuum? Some people buy this piece of equipment specifically to clean furniture while others are more concerned about their drapes and floors. Basically, there are different vacuum cleaners suited for different needs.

To sum up our discussion on vacuum cleaners for pets, there are of various types. For instance, one could go for best handheld vacuum for pet hair, but it has its own pros and cons that will need to carefully be considered by pet owners just like you. You will have to do a lot of bending and physical adjustments to clean the dirt and pet hair depending on the type of vacuum you decide to purchase. Basically, it all boils down to your requirements and there is no one vacuum that is the absolute best at removing pet hair, at least not yet. Many people prefer to buy upright vacuum cleaners who want to clean on one level only. This is not only the most standard, but also the most used type of vacuum cleaner used in households. With this type of vacuum cleaner, you wouldn’t have to go through any physical effort of lifting or bending. On the other hand, you will want to buy a canister vacuum if you want to handle tight spots flawlessly or in case of a staircase. It also won’t be as easy to get into corners and weird small spots. Bagless is another cool feature that vacuum cleaner manufacturers are offering these days. With these cleaners, there is no need to spend money on buying bags.

All in all, you need to be very clear in your head about what sort of requirement you have of cleaning before you actually buy one. Sure it’s a tough task, but you will definitely be thanking yourself in the long run when you have your new vacuum for pet hair and you will never have to worry about the problems of pet hair in your home again.