Which vacuum cleaner you need to choose if you are a pet owner?

In their homes and apartments, pet lovers love to have dogs or cats. If you want to have high-quality sanitary treatment of your premises, the best vacuum for the pet hair to cope with the dirt from domestic animals. The vacuum cleaner removes not only dusty elements from contaminated surfaces but also cope with the fur of cats or dogs. Branded vacuum cleaner designs with special nozzles can effectively conduct dust collection and remove a pile of different length and thickness, regardless of its amount. In this article, we will consider the best vacuum for pet hair removing.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

In the super-modern age, robotic machines are becoming increasingly popular. These manipulators can’t boast of high-quality cleaning of the room because for thorough cleaning of carpet, robotic vacuum cleaners don’t have enough suction power. However, with the daily cleaning process of the room, where pets are located, these can cleaners can be completely useful.

The design part of the robotic vacuum cleaner includes turbo-brushes that work with an electric drive.

Important! With a considerable amount of hair during the molt period, it’s preferable to use a large dust collecting device, while the capacity of such a dust collector should be 1L.

It is impressive that robots have a “virtual wall” program to prevent the intrusion of this device into undesirable places in the room. Thanks to this program, the device should not enter this area which makes it one of the best vacuum for pet hair.

Important! It is desirable to exercise control over the process of dust collection and not to leave pets alone with a robotic automatic device since they are afraid of vacuum cleaners.

Conventional vacuum cleaners

For the qualitative cleaning of your favorite pets’ hair, there are special vacuum cleaner models which are the best vacuum for pet hair. In conventional vacuum cleaners, the collected pet hair is quickly entangled in the brush and in order to carry out a further cleaning process, a permanent manual cleaning of the brush is necessary.

Important! In specialized vacuum cleaners, such a problem does not exist. Remains of the wool of pets are cleaned qualitatively from the carpet, they do not get tangled in the bristles, they immediately enter the dust collector.

Best vacuum for pet hair cleaners usually has special tools that increase the efficiency of its work. These tools are:

–    extension in the form of a small tongue – this tool very easily captures the hair of pets and sucks it in a vacuum cleaner;

–    silicone nozzles with soft teeth – they easily adapt to the outline of upholstered furniture, delicately cleans the hair of pets at the same time in several directions, so it gets to all folds.

Important! Firms-manufacturers constantly improve the technology of manufacturing brushes for cleaning upholstered furniture, carpet coverings and a smooth surface of a floor.

With a cyclone or a bag? Now the modern market is represented mainly by cyclone models of vacuum cleaners, which are equipped with a plastic construction to collect the smallest dust particles.

Important! Tiny pores of ordinary bags are prone to rapid clogging with hair, which leads to a reduction in the suction process. In cyclone models of vacuum cleaners, the technological process is based on the use of centrifugal force, which helps distinguish big dust elements from tiny ones.

All dirt and dust fall into a plastic container. Household vacuum cleaners with cyclone plastic containers don’t have the clogging problem as models with bags.

Now you understand all the possibilities of modern vacuum cleaners, and if you are ready to save yourself from the daily complicated duty to collect wool, even with certain money spent, you need to decide which one is the best vacuum for pet hair.