Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for removing cat hair

Vacuum cleaner – one of the main assistants in cleaning the house. But not every vacuum cleaner is able to cope with its duties perfectly. Especially if it is a difficult task for it to clean the room full of the hair and dirt left by cats. So which is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair in order to ensure an ideal cleanliness?

These are 6 main differences between the vacuum cleaners:

Vacuum cleaners can collect garbage in bags or containers

Dust bags are disposable paper and reusable fabric. Better cleaning will be provided with the use of paper dust collectors, because they have fewer pores than fabric. In addition, they are more pleasant to use, because when changing bags, you do not have to directly contact its content. In some models, paper filters are multi-layered. Bags must be washed, cleaned and dried after each cleaning.

All vacuum cleaners are divided into devices for dry, wet and combined cleaning

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning (models with a bag-dust collector) are traditional and the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair among cat owners, since they clean the hair well. A lot of people enjoy using vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning with a cyclone system (they have a container instead of a bag), but they do a little worse with the fine fraction. To qualitatively remove the dirt, a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter is used. And itmoistens the air, while the dust and hairsettles, and does not fly in the air, which is important for allergy sufferers.

The most important parameter when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the average suction power

The more it is, the better cleaning will be. The greatest value of this parameter, as a rule, is for vacuum cleaners with a bag. For cleaning the hair, it is recommended to choose devices with a power of about 350-400 W, especially if a turbo brush is used. Unfortunately, this indicator in a number of models falls as the dust bag is full. It is also worth to note that manufacturers measure suction power in different ways: one – on the brush and the second – on the body. With the same numerical values, the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair whose measurement is carried out on the brush is more powerful. And yet the vacuum cleaners differ from each other in power consumption, but this does not affect the quality of cleaning – it only shows how economical the device is.

To get rid of dirt, a powerful vacuum cleaner is not enough

Even if you find the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair it is also necessary that the device is equipped with a reliable air filtration system, otherwise some of the dust will be ejected back. This system consists of primary filtration (collection of garbage into a bag, container), a motor filter (protection of the motor against overheating and failure) and fine filters (retention of the smallest particles and microorganisms, ensuring clean air).

The vacuum cleaners may include different nozzles

A standard set is a basic brush for floor and carpet with a switch, a crevice nozzle, and nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture. There are also nozzles for cleaning polished furniture, washing windows and vertical surfaces, vacuum nozzles, brushes for cleaning parquet and turbo brushes. The presence of the last two for the owners of cats is especially important.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to think not only about the quality of its work

When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair it is worth taking into account some other characteristics as the weight of the device (it can reach 28 pounds and more), dimensions (it is possible that the device does not have space in the apartment), handling (there are uncomfortable, difficult to move models), build quality (telescopic or metal, plastic, straight or curved for cleaning under furniture), noise level, the presence of “intelligence” (traditional or robot-vacuum cleaner), work on batteries, etc.