Increasing efficiency of pet hair vacuum cleaners by selecting the right nozzle

Today it’s hard to find a family that doesn’t have one of a pet, dog or cat. All animal lovers, whose pets are kept in an apartment or a house, sooner or later they come to the idea that for a good sanitary condition of a dwelling they simply need a device that can remove pet hair from all the surfaces.

If you need the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors, you should choose it very carefully. Actually, effective cleaning of pet hair can be organized with the help of vacuum cleaners of various brands, it is important that in the kit with the device, special accessories intended for removing animal hair are provided. It can be:

  • conventional nozzle for hardwood floors, carpet;
  • mechanical turbo brush;
  • electric turbo brush;

Hard floor-carpet nozzles

Hard floor and carpet nozzles areuniversal accessories, designed for the collection of animal hair. In most cases, these brushes are equipped with a foot switch, with which you can remove or extend the bristles used to clean a certain surface. The best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors cleaner nozzles are differentiated according to several parameters – width, quality of bristles, presence/absence of wheels. Nozzle with wheels is easy to use, as they are mobile, don’t cause the damage to the floor surface. There are brushes, where the length of the bristles can’t be changed, and they don’t have a floor/carpet switch. These hair brushes struggleto clean the carpet, but they are more effective for cleaning the floor.

Power nozzles

A more effective device for cleaning animal hair, which many users have already appreciated, is a turbo nozzle. The turbo brush is a special nozzle, a part of the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors inside of which is a rotating roller. The roller wraps on itself absolutely everything that is hardly cleaned from the upholstered furniture, carpets – a hair of animals, a thread. The effectiveness of this accessory depends entirely on two parameters: the design of the turbo-scroll and the way it works.

There are two ways of work: mechanical and electric. Mechanical turbobrushes are designed to clean carpets, the nap of which does not exceed 0.6 inches. They are not recommended for cleaning hand-made carpets, worn carpets with protruding threads. When using a mechanical method, the roller is driven by a stream of air. The efficiency of mechanical turbo brush used inthe best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors depends on the suction power of the device. Using a mechanical turbo brush, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner reduces by a significant 20 to 30 percent.

The electrical method involves using the turbo brush powered.

Advantages of an electric turbobrush:

  1. It is much more efficient than mechanical, because it does not reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Works well with a sufficiently loaded dust bag.
  3. Its work is accompanied by a low noise level.
  4. The electric turbo brush has a constant speed and is suitable for all surfaces.

The purpose of the turbo brush is cleaning the floor or upholstered furniture. These two types differ in their size. For the cleaning of the floor, wide, large turbo sets are used. Small turbo-brushes are used for cleaning of upholstered furniture. For any turbobrush, the main parameter of efficiency is the thoughtfulness of the roller cleaning system. Long-haired animals, cats and dogs lose so much hair and fluff during the molt that sometimes, after a single cleaning, it is necessary to remove a significant amount of hair wrapped from it.

So, after you choose the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors, you must know which type of nozzles you should use for a certain problem.