How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for an apartment with pets?

Many families with pets are thinking about how to choose the best vacuum for pet hair cleaner for an apartment with animals. For each family, the appearance of a pet in the house is great a joy. But it is necessary to take into account that there will be more troubles. This applies not only to care for the furry pet but also cleaning the house, as more hair, dirt, dust accumulates, there are various spots. And it’s not always possible to clean them completely. If every day wet cleaning causes difficulties, and getting rid of dirt does not always work, then you need to choose the best vacuum for pet hair cleaning.

Type of cleaning

Before choosing any model of vacuum cleaners, you need to understand what specifically they will be used for. In addition, you will need to consider what kind of coverage is on the floor.

  1. Dry cleaning

If there are no small children or people with diseases of the respiratory system in the house, it will be possible to use a vacuum cleaner that performs the dry cleaning. In this case, all dust is collected in the dust collector. Then it remains only to clean this container (bag or container). Such a device will cost less than any other option. In this case, you can have several nozzles with different configurations, which will help to clean various surfaces, even in the most inaccessible places.

  1. Wet cleaning

If the house has fleece carpets, especially in light colors, then it is best to choose washing vacuums. No one nozzle from a conventional apparatus can cope with such coating. Wet cleaning is necessary. If the family has children or animals, it’s the best vacuum for pet hair. But you need to consider that such equipment is not cheap. In addition, this device will take up a lot of space.

  1. Combined version

For specific premises, this is the best vacuum for pet hair, which has a function of both wet and dry cleaning. Thanks to such equipment, it will be possible to collect water, blowing it out of hard-to-reach places, remove dust not only from a smooth floor but also fleece carpets. The cost of such equipment is quite high, but the vacuum cleaner with such functionality will last a very long time, and cleaning will be most effective.

Key features of a vacuum cleaner

If you need to choose the best vacuum for pet hair, then it is recommended to adhere to a number of rules. The main criteria are as follows:

type of cleaning;



The animal in the house leaves behind a lot of dirt. And this applies not only to the hair but also to various stains. Because of this, it is better to choose such vacuum cleaners that have the function of wet cleaning. This will greatly facilitate the process of removing contaminants. In addition, the equipment must have special nozzles that will help to clean various types of surfaces: furniture, carpets, linoleum, windows, etc.

The key criterion for the choice of vacuum for pet hair is the power of the equipment since usually in the presence of animals in the house, the pollution level is much higher. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner must be selected with a high power, so that it can suck in all the dirt easily.

Typically, the suction power ranges from about 240-400 watts. But if you have to clean the carpets, where you have hairy four-legged friends, then this should be about 450 to 500 watts. To clean animal hair this is the best option.